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Yangzhou-TECHNIC specializes in concrete block making machine, concrete mixer, concrete mixing plant, fully automatic concrete block production line equipment research, development and manufacturing. Company is located in Yang Shou, HANJIANG district, Yangzhou City Industrial Park, covers an area of 50 acres, has a lot of advanced processing and production equipment. Has more than 30 years of the company gathered a large number of development...


Customer service

Machinery to customer demand as the center of the circle.

After-sales service:

Before-sales service:

User post-sale service special line: 0514-87735556

(1) introduce the quangong status and product technology;

(1) according to the contract, on time for user guide for equipment;

(2) to provide the construction technical consultation ;

2(2) on-site training, instruct the customer to standardize and make ...

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    High quality beautiful appearance is brick eye-catching features

    Round mechanical manufacturing quality brick for many years in the first place, so that customer satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction. To serve the community and serve the people is our most

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    Some provisions of the brick!

    Some customers in consultation with the brick machine equipment, mentioned the issue of road blocks testing and test which of, dazzle some standards on the Internet, technology

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    Brief brick machine design

    Brick machine is such a product, is the product that emerged in the course of this, production of paving brick machine can not only beautify the environment, clean air


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